Month: May 2012


Most people I know do some kind of work that requires at least a few repetitive tasks. Odds are that this applies to you as well, to some degree. And a lot of those repetitive tasks you perform can be

Using small windows of time

Back when I was in high school, I had an important realization about time management and getting things done. I would often have only a small window of time, like 30 minutes or less, to work on some particular homework

Emptying your inbox

Until recently, I would regularly keep 20 or 30 emails in my inbox as reminders of things I needed to do. So there were 20 or 30 emails that I knew I needed to act on, yet I would need

Mental Momentum

Often times when you are first starting a task, it is easy to get overwhelmed by how much energy it is taking to do even the smallest aspects of the task. You wonder to yourself, “If it’s this hard to