LaTeX equations in PowerPoint

Recently I wrote a paper for a conference, and I wrote it entirely in LaTeX (an alternative to Microsoft Word that is much closer to a scripting interface than a What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get interface like Microsoft Word). After the paper was written, I needed to generate a presentation about the paper for the conference. At this point I realized that I had generated all of my equations using LaTeX, and thus I could not copy them over to the PowerPoint slides like I could do when I wrote my previous paper in Word.

Then I realized that perhaps there was a way to use LaTeX equations in PowerPoint. After doing some Googling, I found that there are “add-ins” (which is the PowerPoint term for a plug-in) that allow you to copy LaTeX equations into a GUI, which then generates a clean image of your equation on the current PowerPoint slide. The one I use is IguanaTex, and it seems to work well so far. There were others I found as well, but this one worked so I didn’t have a reason to try the others. If this one doesn’t work for you, try the others.

This is one of those tips where it seems kind of obvious, but a lot of people might not ever consider that something like this exists. And for those who are hesitant about transitioning to LaTeX for technical papers, this eliminates a hurdle for that transition.

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