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More Effective Virtual Meetings

Zoom is the new normal isn’t it? But it’s still tough, even if we’re getting more accustomed to it. How do you have effective virtual meetings that really engage everyone involved?

Ask the important questions first

Have you ever hosted a meeting with a big list of things to discuss, probably more than you have time for? Or have you ever approached a colleague or mentor with a big list of questions, perhaps more than you

Presenting at technical conferences

Recently I attended a technical conference, and I was disappointed in the number of presentations that I found completely incomprehensible. I’m not referring to people who didn’t speak English as their first language. In fact, many times those people had

LaTeX equations in PowerPoint

Recently I wrote a paper for a conference, and I wrote it entirely in LaTeX (an alternative to Microsoft Word that is much closer to a scripting interface than a What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get interface like Microsoft Word). After the paper was written,

Um’s and Uh’s: Eliminating Verbal Filler When Presenting

I have seen many presentations in my life, and one really bad habit that I have seen afflict presenters of all ages and experience levels are verbal fillers like Um and Uh.  These little devils can find their way into