Month: August 2020

Finding a Research Topic Vs Doing the Research

One common question among new and prospective graduate students: “Is identifying a research topic harder than doing the research and then writing papers / your dissertation PhD dissertation?” The answer to this question very often depends on your source of

Research Experience for a PhD

One question I hear frequently from folks who are considering grad school: “How do I get research experience for a PhD?” “Well,” I reply, “it depends on what you mean by “research experience”.” Do you mean “How do I get

Grad School Funding

For some folks, the biggest concern regarding grad school is money. And it’s a very valid concern: PhDs do cost some money. However, I can confidently say that the AMOUNT of money it takes varies widely depending on the school

Returning to Grad School Later In Life

I returned to grad school after working in industry after working in industry a few years, and I ended up defending my dissertation when I was 32 – much older than most of my fellow graduates. If you’re thinking about

More Effective Virtual Meetings

Zoom is the new normal isn’t it? But it’s still tough, even if we’re getting more accustomed to it. How do you have effective virtual meetings that really engage everyone involved?