Month: February 2012

Presenting at technical conferences

Recently I attended a technical conference, and I was disappointed in the number of presentations that I found completely incomprehensible. I’m not referring to people who didn’t speak English as their first language. In fact, many times those people had

LaTeX equations in PowerPoint

Recently I wrote a paper for a conference, and I wrote it entirely in LaTeX (an alternative to Microsoft Word that is much closer to a scripting interface than a What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get interface like Microsoft Word). After the paper was written,

Excel Tips

I recently had a request to write about any good tips I had for working with Microsoft Excel, so below are a few tips and tricks you might not come across easily when using Excel. This is not intended to

Using both hands

I know those of you with your minds in the gutter will giggle and want to add “in bed” to the title of this article, but let’s move past that for now. You can giggle later. Using both hands allows