Month: January 2012

Um’s and Uh’s: Eliminating Verbal Filler When Presenting

I have seen many presentations in my life, and one really bad habit that I have seen afflict presenters of all ages and experience levels are verbal fillers like Um and Uh.  These little devils can find their way into

Avoiding auto-align issues while cropping in PowerPoint

Recently I’ve been working on a PowerPoint presentation that has images which fit the width of the slide.  I wanted to make a set of images, each on a successive slide, consistent with each other (making the axes on the plots appear

Setting the default font for data tips in MATLAB

For quite some time I thought that it was impossible to change the font size of the data tips you can add to plots in MATLAB.  This was very frustrating because I would use these figures in reports and the

Removing Excess Space Above and Below Figure Captions in LaTeX

I recently started learning and using LaTeX for a conference paper I’m writing, after years of resisting the advice of friends to use it instead of Microsoft Word.  Some things have been easy, and some things have been really tough