Avoiding auto-align issues while cropping in PowerPoint

Recently I’ve been working on a PowerPoint presentation that has images which fit the width of the slide.  I wanted to make a set of images, each on a successive slide, consistent with each other (making the axes on the plots appear constant as I moved from slide to slide).  However, I needed to crop the images very precisely to accomplish this.  When I attempted to do this, the auto-align feature in PowerPoint prevented me from cropping a small amount beyond the slide, which is what I needed.

Finally I realized the problem: I was placing the image at the edge of the slide, and it wanted to align the image with the edge of the slide or move it some predetermined distance away from the slide edge.  So, I simply moved the image away from the slide center enough to avoid the auto-align issue, and I could then crop it exactly where I wanted.  After cropping the images, I set the size of the image to the width of the slide once again.

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