Year: 2012

The Downside of Too Much Motivational Material

Reading motivational material such as books, blogs, and even audiobooks/podcasts can have tremendously positive effects on your life. This material can inspire you to look at life in many new and useful ways, and push you to start new habits

Put your work in front of you

I have found that when I want to start working on something, but I’m not feeling very motivated or have a lot of energy to get started, one of the best things I can do is to pull up whatever

Why you should park farther away

To increase your physical activity on a regular basis, one idea is to park much farther away from your office and the entrance to stores. However, there are a number of other benefits as well. First, you may end up

Always something more to do

There is a famous expression: “There is always something more to do.” Typically this expression is intended as an argument to take more time for yourself, for what you love to do, etc., because there is always going to be

Removing items from your task list

I am the kind of person that usually thinks of things to do far faster than I can actually accomplish them, no matter how hard or fast I work. As a result, my task list can easily grow to a