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Ask the important questions first

Have you ever hosted a meeting with a big list of things to discuss, probably more than you have time for? Or have you ever approached a colleague or mentor with a big list of questions, perhaps more than you

Presenting at technical conferences

Recently I attended a technical conference, and I was disappointed in the number of presentations that I found completely incomprehensible. I’m not referring to people who didn’t speak English as their first language. In fact, many times those people had

LaTeX equations in PowerPoint

Recently I wrote a paper for a conference, and I wrote it entirely in LaTeX (an alternative to Microsoft Word that is much closer to a scripting interface than a What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get interface like Microsoft Word). After the paper was written,

Um’s and Uh’s: Eliminating Verbal Filler When Presenting

I have seen many presentations in my life, and one really bad habit that I have seen afflict presenters of all ages and experience levels are verbal fillers like Um and Uh.  These little devils can find their way into