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10 ways to avoid pain when writing a lot by hand

I have done a tremendous amount of writing by hand over the last year as I returned to grad school and then prepared for the PhD written qualifying exams. I was not accustomed to this much writing by hand because


Over the past year or so I’ve been on a bit of a minimalism kick. I started reading sites like: – (which is where I got my current theme) – – At first I didn’t really get

Change Your Routine Often

I really enjoy regularly changing my routine. Things like what I eat for breakfast, what time I leave for the office, what time I head home from the office, etc. There is some comfort in doing the same thing almost

The Downside of Too Much Motivational Material

Reading motivational material such as books, blogs, and even audiobooks/podcasts can have tremendously positive effects on your life. This material can inspire you to look at life in many new and useful ways, and push you to start new habits

Make Things Simpler to Solve Problems

Whenever you have something really difficult in your life, think about how making things simpler can help. Of all approaches I have used over the years to solve problems that crop up in my life, this method that has yielded